Computer Support and Management in plain language

By March 25, 2014Homepage Article

The other day at brunch I was speaking with my brother-in-law about what our company does. He asked me to explain, “what does your company do exactly?”

As I started to talk about the specifics of the services that we offer, I saw a familiar look in his eyes. The look that says I have no idea what you’re talking about and kinda regret asking you. Welcome to our world. Sometimes we feel like we are a cast of characters in The Big Bang Theory.

My brother-in-law said, “That sounds boring, but I guess it’s just because I have no interest in that kind of thing. So, you’re like the Geek Squad?”

To which I answered, “My goodness…We are so much more than Geek Squad.”

We focus on being less technical when we speak to clients. We have figured out that when it comes to talking tech, it is best done as simply as possible without all of the boring details that will make your eyes glaze over.

It is possible to have a company who can take care of your computers and network without losing you to the technical details. We know lots about tech, and we can certainly speak the lingo, but we try to keep it simple unless you want us to ‘geek out’. When it comes to your business strategy, your vision, and how you want to grow, we speak that language and understand how to develop an IT strategy with you.

What do we do? Well the detailed version is:

Epic Technical Solutions is an IT Support and Management company that provides IT Support, IT Project Management Services, Hosted Voice over IP, Backup/Business Continuity and Cloud Sync Solutions to small businesses and non-profit organizations in the Greater Toronto Area. We are responsive, transparent and easy to work with.

I know…zzz for you. Did we lose you somewhere around Hosted Voice over IP? Let’s try that again in plain language.

Epic Technical Solutions is a computer support and management company that takes care of all of your computers and systems. If it’s tech, then we love it. We deal with all of the boring details about your technology so that you don’t have to. We are Epic that way.

  • If you call or email us, we’re quick about getting back to you.
  • We’ll give you all the miniscule details if you want to know them.
  • We are friendly, helpful, and we make things easy for you.

If your organization has between 20 and 50 staff, and you want someone to run your IT, then get in contact with us.