Network Design and Wiring

Your network is the backbone through which your business operates.

Having a robust network design, the right hardware and proper ongoing maintenance is vital to keeping your business operations running smoothly.

Despite the importance of your network infrastructure, it’s often forgotten since it lives out of sight. Epic Tech can help to design a stable, robust, self-healing network that will minimize downtime and allow you to simply forget it is there. Although you may forget, we will continue to maintain and monitor your network with our 24×7 Monitoring & Maintenance.

We design secure and scalable networks through our partnerships with select networking vendors including Sophos, Netgear and Sonicwall. By restricting the vendors we work with to top-tier suppliers, we ensure that the components are fast and reliable. It also allows our engineers to become certified experts in these technologies.

Epic also has a team of network wiring experts at your disposal. Whether you’re expanding your office, moving into a new location or building from the ground up, we can help to design and install data and telephone wiring that is neat and tidy, scalable and meets building code regulations. Once complete, we’ll provide you with a network map to ensure that you can decipher what we’ve done. After all, you shouldn’t have to worry about what’s behind the walls when your time is better spent running your business.

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