Wireless Solutions

Secure and scalable wireless networks are no longer a luxury, but an essential for offices, venues, restaurants and public spaces. While we’re able to work easily with wireless solutions from most major vendors, Epic Tech has chosen Sophos as our preferred partner for wireless deployments. We’ve got a few good reasons for this:

  • Quality design, high-performance 802.11n wireless access points
  • Mesh networking to allow for installing access points in hard-to-wire areas
  • Versatile and scalable, it’s easy to grow your network with plug-and-play access points
  • Tightly integrated with our Managed Network Security solution. Let us take care of software updates and diagnostics.
  • Detailed real-time reporting about the traffic flowing through your wireless networks
  • Easy guest access 
    • Customizable splash pages lets you design the user experience
    • Voucher-based guest access system for limiting hourly, daily or weekly access
    • Set time & bandwidth limits and enforce inappropriate content filtering

We can help to design and install your network, including secure wireless. Once installed, we can monitor and maintain your network to ensure that everything runs optimally, all the time.  

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