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HelpDesk Support

We speak English to our clients, not Techno-Babble

  • When you contact our HelpDesk, the process begins with our Service Manager, a dedicated (non-technical) resource who will collect information about your problem and connect you with the right person to solve it.
  • We are here when you need us. We offer remote and on-site support that encompasses typical business hours, as well as emergency after-hours support.
  • Our technicians are trained to put the client they are working with at the moment as their top priority. We see issues through to resolution, no matter what it takes. We aim to resolve quickly and efficiently, but we’ll never rush you.
  • Example of a customer satisfaction surveyOur dedicated Service Manager follows up to ensure that you are satisfied with the service you’ve received, and that the problem is resolved completely. Measuring our success is very important to us, so we also send out surveys (not too often) asking you to rate the service you’ve received on a particular case.
  • Through our 24×7 Monitoring & Maintenance solution, we are able to resolve many reported problems completely behind-the-scenes, ensuring we don’t interrupt your workflow.

Best of all, we can offer all of this to you at an affordable, fixed monthly flat-rate. Get in touch to discuss how our Managed Services HelpDesk will benefit your business.

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