Outsourcing IT Infrastructure

By June 15, 2014Article
outsourcing IT

In just a few years, the vast majority of technology infrastructure will be hosted by third parties. IT managers at midsize businesses who are weighing an outsourced solution can allow these numbers to mitigate some of their fears.

– Shawn Drew, IBM for Midsize Business

According to a study done in October 2013, almost 70% of IT infrastructure will be outsourced by 2017, as enterprises look for ways to trim costs and address issues such as in-house skills shortages. Organisations are turning to outsourcing for a variety of reasons. The main reason was to lower costs, as indicated by 42% of the participants in the poll. Other advantages are higher-quality service, infrastructure scalability and flexibility, cited as important by over a third of IT leaders.

The specific benefits that organizations experience when outsourcing their IT services to an experienced provider include:

  • Better quality of service
  • Access to the latest applications
  • Access to a team of IT specialists at any time
  • Round-the-clock help-desk
  • Guaranteed data security

In an expanding industry, many business leaders at the beginning of this process are not clear on what an IT Management and Support company can do for them. As a Managed Services Provider, we provide telephone and remote IT services, and onsite support. In other words, we help our clients meet whatever their IT goals and issues are. There are generally three models of delivery. The first two involve providing telephone and remote IT service packages for all businesses, with onsite currently available throughout the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

Models of Delivery

Outsource all of the IT

Outsourcing IT is less expensive than hiring a full-time IT employee in-house.  Hiring a full-time IT employee involves a lot of overhead, salary, health care, and benefits. Additionally, very few individuals are experts in all areas, and those who have the requisite skills don’t come cheap. In outsourcing all of your IT infrastructure, your business doesn’t have to worry about the management overhead, and costs associated with training or certifying IT staff. 

Outsource some of the IT

Some of our clients have an IT staff member in house. However, no individual can be available 24/7. For many small and medium-sized businesses, outsourcing the technical support and maintenance of computers and network allows their internal IT to stay focused on their projects without getting sidetracked by the day-to-day management of IT issues.

Outsource IT Projects

Having a team of IT professionals complete on project-based work allows your business to overcome a lack of internal capabilities. Outsourcing IT Projects allow businesses to leverage specialized skills, resources, and expertise that they do not have available. Small and medium-sized businesses can leverage Epic Tech’s skills without the costs typically associated with staying ahead of the technology curve.

 Reasons that you may want to consider IT Outsourcing:

  1. You don’t want the overhead in hiring In House IT staff
  2. You know that if someone you hire leaves the organization then they will be takng all of the ins and outs of your IT Infrastructure with them.
  3. You want to free up your current staff to do what you hired them for.
  4. Your network is getting more sophisticated.
  5. You want to leverage the latest and greatest equipment and tools for your organization.
  6. You’re not clear as to what you need.
  7. You have a project that requires a lot of technical expertise.
  8. You want to align your busines with your IT so that your business can grow.
  9. You want efficiency in your business.
  10.  You are a startup that wants to free up your budget for other things.

If you have any questions about what our IT Outsourcing Services can do for you, contact us. You may be eligible for a Free IT assessment, worth $1000.