Synck: A private Dropbox alternative for your small business storage and backup

By April 15, 2014Article
Cloud Backup

If you’ve ever used Dropbox™, Google Drive™ or Sugarsync™, then you already know the advantages of cloud sync and backup. Your data can be available anywhere you go and will sync across all of your devices, enabling you to work from anywhere. While you may take advantage of one of these services for free using your personal accounts, you have to weigh the risks of putting your company data on their servers.

The name of the game is security. The bigger the company is, the bigger the target.

Larger companies are often  a target for hackers on their cloud infrastructure. Hackers are looking for accolades for being able to infiltrate the biggest companies who have the most accounts on their servers. At large, faceless storage and backup companies, larger staff can also mean a greater chance for human error in security protocol. For example: Dropbox™ had a security breach and the passwords of thousands of users were stolen.  Can the larger companies really guarantee that your data is safe?

Our Solution

We are proud to offer Synck, a Cloud Storage and Collaboration solution for our clients and a great Dropbox alternative. Similar to Dropbox™, an application on your machine syncs your files to the cloud, and allows you to access them on other devices you have connected to Synck. There’s also an easy-to-use web interface where you can share files (both inside and outside your organization). Unlike Dropbox™, we are the ones that secure “the cloud”. With Synck, your trusted IT advisor, Epic Tech hosts and maintains the infrastructure and is able to maintain strict control over maintenance and security measures.

Synck: Key Features

  • Access files anywhere, anytime, on any device – Easily access your files from your desktop/laptop computer and mobile devices.
  • 100% secure – Your files always stay within your control. One or more organization administrators can be designated to manage user accounts and who gets access to which files.
  • Intelligent sync – Synck intelligently figures out which part of file has been changed making file syncs run faster with, less load on your CPU & network.
  • Folder synchronization – Team Shares allow you to synchronize large volumes of files and folders across multiple machines. When a file is modified on one machine, it is automatically copied to other machines instantly.
  • Multi-platform – Synck can be used on any Windows or Mac computer, Android or iOS device, and can be accessed on the web from anywhere.
  • Backup data without syncing – Synck also enables you to specify folders outside of your sync folder and have them backed up in real-time, to the cloud. This is a crucial feature that helps ensure that all of your important data is safe, including files and folders on your desktop.