Computer help for small business in Toronto is more than just fixing computers

By March 3, 2014Article
Epic Tech helps you get along with your computers

When it comes to the state of your computers, your IT infrastructure, and the stability of your systems in house, a lot of small businesses are suffering from the same problems. They are looking for computer help and support here in the GTA,  but they need more than that. Let’s examine some of the most common situations.

There is a problem and you need it fixed in order to work

sickComputerMost small businesses don’t start looking for an IT service provider until a  major issue such as email failure, loss of data or crashed computer stops them in their tracks and prevents them from being able to work. Most clients had some inkling that something might be wrong, but were too busy to address it in time. When that major problem occurs…it’s often reached a boiling point where it is causing a disruption in your business operations. That’s where we say “nice to meet you, we’re Epic Tech, Toronto’s IT Support and Management company”. Our specialty is serving organizations with 20-50 staff and we are ready to help you get back up and running.

A bad office setup

Sometimes the problem is your basic office setup. It could be any part of your network, from the Internet package you’ve selected to the wiring in your office, or a specific computer causing an issue. Often this is the result of a DIY system, assembled by someone who was self-taught with help from a search engine who might have figured out enough to cobble together a setup, but didn’t have quite the required knowledge to make it work efficiently, or securely.

The wrong system for the wrong task

In our many years of work we’ve seen some pretty interesting scenarios. 10 year old desktop computers running as email servers, 8-year old Mac Minis subbing in as backup devices, and desktops hosting the company’s critical financial and fundraising software. Most of the time, we know that these improper, inefficient setups are because nobody in the organization has had the time or knowledge to upgrade the equipment. To us, it’s like asking your Grandpa to run a relay race in the Summer Olympics. He’s old and creaky, does things slowly in his own way, and he’d probably be so out of breath that he’ll pass the baton to the wrong guy.

Beyond the Fix

Traditionally, your IT support company or IT guy worked a lot like a plumber – you’d call them when something was broken. They’d come take a look at the problem, troubleshoot it, and send you a bill afterwards for the time spent resolving the issue. The emphasis is on reacting to problems that have already occurred. Their service was  judged by how quickly they can attend to a problem. By the time they were aware of a problem, it was already too late. Data was lost, downtime was incurred, productivity was reduced. That is a very outdated model of IT support known as Break/Fix. The more things went wrong, the more the IT support company was paid so they had no incentive to make sure that the computers and network were running their most stable at all times.

Managed IT Services

As an IT Support and Management company, we’ve moved beyond the outdated Break/Fix methodology to deliver a clearly defined set of technical services on an ongoing basis at a fixed cost, known as Managed IT Services. This means no surprises. Unlike other IT support technicians, we don’t get rewarded when your computer systems fail. Instead, we have a stake in having things run properly as we assume an ongoing responsibility for 24-hour monitoring and problem resolution for the systems within your business.

Managed Services makes sense for many small and medium businesses that don’t employ in-house IT staff. Businesses benefit from having a team of skilled experts optimize and manage their network infrastructure, take proactive care of their systems and provide support at a fixed cost that is typically much less than the cost of an in-house employee or team. As your trusted partner, we will assist your business in budgeting and planning for an optimal IT environment.


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