Careers at Epic Tech

We are anything but your typical corporate IT environment.

Epic Tech seeks problem solvers with ingenuity who can have a voice within our company. Our job is to do what is best for our clients — because what’s good for them, is good for us.

Why work for us? 

Learning – always staying sharp and current

If  you are someone who thrives on learning, there is nothing worse stunting your growth. As a Managed Service Provider, we are constantly evolving with the latest technology products and solutions so that we can help our clients be awesome. Instead of supporting old clunky systems in a large corporate environments, our clients are constantly seeking change. As an IT expert working within our team, you’re responsible for managing and supporting the infrastructure of a variety of clients with unique infrastructures. These clients change and grow, so you’ll be constantly evolving your skills…boredom is not an option!

A Place to Grow

When you’re working for a corporate giant, it’s hard to get noticed. Often you get stuck  in just one area, have layers of management over you, and other departments that you have to cater to. On the other hand, when you’re working for a small company, you might be working alone and can’t leverage the experience of other IT people in order to help you advance your skills. Working for an MSP like Epic Tech offers you the best of both worlds. Your natural interests and talents will be recognized and encouraged. You will be presented with growth opportunities as the company grows. We encourage our staff with ongoing training and certifications, as well as attending events and conferences in order to advance their career growth.

The Way of the Future

As more and more organizations move to cloud-based applications, the need for in-house IT professionals is diminishing. Likewise, people are becoming decentralized from a traditional office environment. With this in mind, companies small and large are looking to outsource the management of their IT to MSPs to become their trusted IT advisors.

If you’re looking for a dynamic environment which fosters personal and career growth, and you’re a natural-born problem who loves working with a variety of teammates and clients, take a look at the Current Opportunities on the right side of the screen.

Current Opportunities

No positions available

We’ve just filled two spots with great candidates, so we’re not hiring at the moment, but keep your eyes on this area for new postings as they become available.