Frequently Asked Questions

What does Epic Tech do?

  • We are an IT Support and Management company that provides IT Support, IT Helpdesk and IT Project Management to small businesses and non-profit organizations in the Greater Toronto Area. We are a Managed Service Provider, meaning we are a team of IT specialists that  proactively monitors, manages and maintains your computers, network devices and IT infrastructure.
  • We help small businesses manage their technology and grow: computers, network, Internet, hardware, software and even smartphones. Basically, if it has a screen on it,  is computer-like, speaks to a computer, or involves your computer or device speaking to another device, we make sure that it runs well and stays current.
What is involved in the free IT assessment?

  • Once you’ve contacted us, a Solutions Manager will get in touch with you to ask you some questions about your IT Infrastructure and what problems you are having in order to see if you’re eligible to take advantage of the free assessment. A lot of people think that a free IT assessment in an excuse to try to sell you something. That isn’t the case. The IT assessment is worth over $1000 of our time so we take it seriously. We help to identify problems and solutions to enable your business to grow through the use of technology.
How much do your services cost?

  • Epic Tech doesn’t use a one-size-fits-all pricing model. We customize our offerings and develop a service model that best match the unique environment and needs of each client. Our aim is to deliver our services at a fixed monthly cost that is affordable and sustainable. We also offer consulting and project-based labour which may be offered at block hours or project flat rates.
How does Epic Tech ensure that our office IT is properly maintained and configured?

  • Epic Tech documents your IT environment from the get-go and configures advanced monitoring to be aware of any changes or issues. Our technicians are able to identify and resolve many problems before they affect your workflow, and our helpdesk is available to assist whenever you need us. We meet regularly with your management team to review your IT strategy, discuss required upgrades and implementation of emerging technology to benefit your organization.